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Comparing SMC manhole coves and BMC manhole covers

Comparing SMC manhole coves and BMC Manhole Covers

Are you still worried about SMC manhole covers quality? Today let's me introduce the difference between SMC and BMC manhole cover:

SMC and BMC both are new materials, but material very difference:

1.SMC manhole cover are the abbreviation of sheet molding compound manhole covers, which are namely sheet molding compound plastic. It's made by the SMC special yarns, unsaturated resin, low shrinage additives, fillers and various  additives composition. In the early 1960s, SMC products firstly appeared in Europe around 1965. The United Sates and Japan have developed this technology. In China, we imported the foreign advanced  production lines and production process for SMC in the late 1980s. SMC has excellent electrical properties, corrosion resistance, light weight, and engineering design easy, flexible, etc. Its mechanical properties can be comparable with some metallic materials, which are widely used transport vehicles, construction, electronics/ electrical and other industries.

SMC manhole cover raw material

2.BMC (Bulk Molding Compound / group-like plastic)make the unsaturated resin as matrix material, with 30-50mm short fiber materials as the reinforcing material, with CaCO3 as filler, as prefabricated molding. BMC molding covers--- mold plastic with reinforced ,then under a certain temperature and pressure to be formed ) that covers are made of reinforcing material ,which is a short 30-50mm staple fiber composite material formed of continuous fiber strength of only 20-30%), the structure of the Composite Manhole Cover with the ribs as flat bottom .All the materials are composite and environmental.

BMC manhole cover raw material

1.BMC manhole cover materials is short fiber materials, which need steel bar to support lid. But SMC don’t need it.

2.SMC manhole cover have higher load than BMC(not only its materials is different, but also the quality of raw materials is also important.)

3.SMC can reach: A15/B125/C250/D400/E600/F900, BMC manhole cover light duty(pedestrian place is good choice)

Same advantage between SMC and BMC manhole cover

•corrosion resistance

•UV resistance

•engineering design easy

•Nature anti-theft(No recycle value)

The price of SMC manhole covers are 20% higher than other manhole covers. We need to know the reason. Manhole cover are bought and sold not only for money but also for public safety.

Generally speaking,we don’t suggest our customers to buy low quality manhole covers because it has no advantages, comparing with SMC manhole covers. Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd manhole cover is trustworthy.

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