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High Quality Manhole Cover Made In China

Zibo Best Energy Saving Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a professional manufacturer of composite, resin and SMC covers. Why do you choose composite material for the well cover? Firstly, compared with traditional materials, composite materials have many advantages, such as high specific strength, light weight, high specific modulus, good fatigue resistance and good vibration absorption performance. Composite materials of composites play a synergistic role in performance, and have superior comprehensive properties that a single material can not match. So what are the characteristics of composite well caps? The material has no recycling value and has the characteristics of natural anti-theft, which solves the problem of theft of cast iron well cover. Anti-acid, alkali, anti-corrosion water or dust. Compared with the cast iron well cover under the same load, the weight is 1/3 lighter, which is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance. Buildings become easier and work less intensive. The well cover made of composite material has good tightness. When the product is formed at high temperature, the gap between the base and the cover is very small, which reduces the noise of passing cars. It is very suitable for quiet areas such as residential areas, campuses, hospitals and so on. Composite covers can be used in a wide range of - 50 -+150 degrees Celsius. Long service life, because of its anti-corrosion, no recycling value and no need for special maintenance.

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Resin well cover is made of unsaturated resin as matrix material and continuous glass fiber as reinforcing material. Because of the structure of pot bottom, the data are loaded equally, and the application of continuous fiber reinforcement does not require reinforcing steel bars. The material is all composite material, so the bearing capacity of resin well cover can reach later. 

From the point of view of bearing capacity, the service life of the resin well cover is longer; the resin well cover is made of layered composite, wear-resisting and aging-resisting materials in the open air, and the service life is longer from the point of view of rolling resistance and aging resistance of vehicles. This kind of resin well cover is used. 

Unsaturated polyester resin is used as matrix material, glass fiber as reinforcing material, supplemented by certain rigid material. The bottom of the pot is structurally made up of two layers of high and low materials, and the upper part is made of wear-resistant and aging-resistant materials. The service life of the product is long. Lower mining

Continuous glass fiber reinforced can make the resin well cover have enough bearing capacity without any reinforcement.    

(1) The component itself does not contain resin, otherwise the borehole will be greasy and dirty.

(2) Require high thermal conductivity, can quickly take away the heat generated during drilling, resin well cover die, reduce the temperature of the drill bit.

(3) Thickness and tolerance requirements. The uneven surface will affect the drilling.

(4) Hardness requires a certain surface hardness to prevent burrs on the surface of the drill, but too hard will wear the drill bit.      

Our factory has a complete set of equipment from product design, die development, color allocation, product testing and so on. Its unique formula and technology have created the toughness, anti-theft and artistic characteristics of the high-tech well cover. It is a high-quality product in the current well cover industry and can be regarded as a model of the industry. High-tech people aim at "solving moral problems with technology", constantly innovate and strive for excellence.

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