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It Covers The Technical Requirements Of GB

It Covers The Technical Requirements Of GB
Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2015
According to GB / T23858-2009 "Manhole Covers" the provisions of paragraph 4, in accordance with the carrying capacity of the covers is divided into six levels:
The first group :( lowest level selection A15 type): green belt, sidewalks and other motor vehicles entering a prohibited area.
The second group :( lowest selection B125 type): sidewalks, non-motor vehicles, car parking and underground parking.
The third group :( lowest selection C250 type): residential district, street and lane, only light vehicle or car traveling area, the road on both sides of curbs within 0.5m.
The fourth group :( lowest D400 type selection): City main road, roads, highways and other areas.:( Lowest fifth group chosen E600 type): freight stations, docks, airports and other areas.
The sixth group :( lowest selection F900 types): airport runways and other areas.

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